Blog name: Steam&Ink
Blog Author: CJ Ivory

Charlotte Jane Ivory is a writer of Historical Mysteries, Gothic Thrillers, and her own brand of “Victorianoir”. She’s a living, breathing warning of what happens when you have one foot in the twenty-first century, and one in the nineteenth. Her current projects include a Victorian London murder mystery, a noir thriller about London gang wars during the mid 19th century, and – surprising even to her – a satirical fantasy novel.

TWC Review:

Post frequency: 9/10 This may be updated later as the blog grows older.
Comment Replies: n/a
Navigation: 10/10
Uniqueness: 6/10
Overall: 7.5/10


Blog Title: A Thinner Pen
Blog Author: Mitzi LaRoux
Blog Link:

The blog is good, but check out the Novelit Project for the most intriguing part of this website. Think of it as a sort of gym for authors. Way cool!

Blog Name: Words by Annie
Blog Author: Annie Neugebauer
Blog Link:

A talented woman with excellent writing skills keeps us updated on her writing life, and also what’s going on in her writing community. Very cool. ^^

Blog Name: What Not to Do as a Writer
Blog Author: Lisa Kilian
Blog Link:

This gal takes a little getting used to. We’re not exactly sure where she is on the TWC uniqueness scale…she broke our measuring stick. In a nutshell, What Not to Do as a Writer is a regularly updated blog, featuring what not to do as a writer in numerical order.

It’s pretty funny. It has some good insights. We’re pretty sure in a couple of months she’ll be as big as Miss Snark. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Blog Name: Words about Words
Blog Author: Charlotte English
Blog Link:

Words about Words claims to be a simple blog about writing. It is. It’s also extremely humorous, updated fairly regularly, and filled with an endless supply of unique topics. Definitely worth a read. ^^

Read her best post ever here.

Blog Name: Dare to Write
Author Name: Elise
Blog Link:

Dare to Write is a new blog covering a writer who simply wants to share the passion of writing with others. So far, she’s doing a pretty good job.

TWC Review:

Withholding review until the 3 month survival mark. 😉 It’s a very new blog!

Blog Name: An Alleged Author
Blog Author: n/a

An Alleged Author sums herself (himself?) up with this brilliant profile piece: “I am just another starving writer hoping to afford to eat more expensive cheese than Valutime cheddar slices.”

This author updates every other day or so, with topics such as personal writing, the writing world, books and even TV shows. Read more about this author here.