Blog Name: W.I.P. It
Blog Author: Lynda R. Young
Blog Link: http://lyndaryoung.blogspot.com/

I can’t believe I didn’t find this blog sooner. This is a great blog filled with helpful tips, a writer’s eye view on multiple topics, and a regular posting schedule. Look for new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Blog Name: Words by Annie
Blog Author: Annie Neugebauer
Blog Link: http://www.wordsbyannie.com/

A talented woman with excellent writing skills keeps us updated on her writing life, and also what’s going on in her writing community. Very cool. ^^

Blog Name: What Not to Do as a Writer
Blog Author: Lisa Kilian
Blog Link: http://whatnottodoasawriter.com/

This gal takes a little getting used to. We’re not exactly sure where she is on the TWC uniqueness scale…she broke our measuring stick. In a nutshell, What Not to Do as a Writer is a regularly updated blog, featuring what not to do as a writer in numerical order.

It’s pretty funny. It has some good insights. We’re pretty sure in a couple of months she’ll be as big as Miss Snark. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Blog Name: Words about Words
Blog Author: Charlotte English
Blog Link: http://charlotteenglish.wordpress.com/

Words about Words claims to be a simple blog about writing. It is. It’s also extremely humorous, updated fairly regularly, and filled with an endless supply of unique topics. Definitely worth a read. ^^

Read her best post ever here.