Blog Title: Texanne, It’s a Mystery to Me, too. (Used to be Texanne Sideways. I’m sticking with what I know here. >_>)
Blog Author: Texanne
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***Warning*** I have been a fan of this writing related website since long before I started The Written Connection. Any review is going to be highly biased. ^^

Texanne provides a treasure trove of information right off the bat for Writers. I suggest perusing the list of links to the right on her website, under “Writer’s Aids”. Every link there is worthy of it’s own special place in TWC. Especially Holly Lisle’s stuff…but of course I’m a big fan of her!

You’ll also find awesome research and writing articles, book reviews, and the occasional update on Texanne’s life. Everything she writes is interesting and worth reading. Definitely 5 stars here!