Blog Title: Nerd Girl Reads & Writes
Blog Author: Becca C.
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Amazing author, and omg…so close to getting an agent! I am very excited for her, and can’t wait to continue reading her progress!


Blog Title: Tina DC Hayes – Author at Large
Blog Author: Tina DC Hayes – Author at Large
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A great resource, filled with writing articles, available writing contests, author updates, and pretty much everything else writing related. ^^ Tina updates regularly, and has a respectable amount of published material under her belt!

Blog Title: Texanne, It’s a Mystery to Me, too. (Used to be Texanne Sideways. I’m sticking with what I know here. >_>)
Blog Author: Texanne
Blog Link:

***Warning*** I have been a fan of this writing related website since long before I started The Written Connection. Any review is going to be highly biased. ^^

Texanne provides a treasure trove of information right off the bat for Writers. I suggest perusing the list of links to the right on her website, under “Writer’s Aids”. Every link there is worthy of it’s own special place in TWC. Especially Holly Lisle’s stuff…but of course I’m a big fan of her!

You’ll also find awesome research and writing articles, book reviews, and the occasional update on Texanne’s life. Everything she writes is interesting and worth reading. Definitely 5 stars here!

Blog Name: W.I.P. It
Blog Author: Lynda R. Young
Blog Link:

I can’t believe I didn’t find this blog sooner. This is a great blog filled with helpful tips, a writer’s eye view on multiple topics, and a regular posting schedule. Look for new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Blog Name: Brewing Up Stories and Beer
Blog Author: jmcmurray
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A blog about writing and beer. ^^ Mostly about writing, but the beer is pretty cool too.

Blog Name: I am an Author, I Must Auth
Blog Author: TusconMike
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‘This blog keeps pretty closely to the details of one author’s writing life, and that life is a busy one. Tuscon Mike attends workshops, critique groups and other writing related events, and reports his perspective in detail. He also offers some non-writing related posts and poses a few writing related questions.

Blog Name: Murder Your Darlings
Blog Author: Charlotte Jane Ivory
Blog Link:

Since the author was kind enough to send me an e-mail telling me all about her new blog, I’m just gonna quote her below:

Murder Your Darlings is about becoming a better writer.

As writers, we tend to see our creations as our babies. Like good parents, we can be fiercely protective of them, and quite blind to their faults. But without seeing the faults of our own writing, it’s impossible to improve as writers. Hence author Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch’s advice that writers “murder their darlings”.

I have started this blog as a tool for both advanced and beginner writers. I’m encouraging writers to dig out their first manuscript – you know the one, it’s gathering dust in the closet of the spare room – and to submit a few hundred words from the novel, along with their comments.

For example, the author’s comments might cover any of the following:

~What worked in the piece;

~What didn’t work in the piece;

~Technical errors, such as spelling, punctuation and grammar faults;

~Craft errors, such as too much telling or confusing dialogue; and

~If the author is feeling particularly energetic (!), a rewrite to reflect how the author